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Join The Fight Against Climate Change With PCS

At Planetary Carbon Standard, we strive to play a leading role in promoting sustainability and taking action on climate change. Our aim is to help save the planet by supporting programs that increase carbon sequestration and reduce carbon emissions.

Planetary Carbon Standard is the future of Climate Action. Join us to combat climate change with tomorrow’s technologies.

About Us

Over 10 million carbon credits generated from PCS projects.



Number of Carbon Credits Issued

Number of Live PSC Projects


Number of Carbon Credits Retired

Supported Projects

PCS Supports the following projects

Afforestation/Reforestation projects

To increase carbon sequestration by planting more trees.

Conservation-based Forest management

By protecting existing forests that work as carbon sinks from encroaching and illegal logging.

Renewable energy projects

By promoting energy generation without burning fossil fuels that increased CO2 emissions.

Waste management projects

Reduced methane emissions by recycling the waste in dump yards as landfills.



Estimated Annual Emission Reductions

VCS Project Type
Waste handling and disposal


Estimated Annual Emission Reductions


Akash Bamboo

Estimated Annual Emission Reductions

VCS Project TypeWaste handling and disposal

Akash Bamboo

Estimated Annual Emission Reductions

What are Carbon Credits?

"Green House Gas" (GHG), content in the atmosphere contributes to "Global Warming" and "Climate Change". Human activities contribute to increasing greenhouse gases at an alarming rate.


Projects that help to sequester carbon or prevent carbon emissions reduce GHG content in the atmosphere combating global warming and climate change.


Such projects can claim credit for their contribution towards climate action while institutions and individuals contributing GHG emissions can pay for such credits to offset their carbon footprint, unavoidable during their day-to-day activities, to comp[ensate their carbon emissions.

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